"Maybe I should just ask the CIA what to think" is extremely 2021.
Have you ever looked at who is behind these new for-profit "fact-checking" companies? "NewsGuard" is "advised" by one of the country's most famous liars—the man who secretly built the global mass surveillance system that, once uncovered, courts condemned as an outrageous crime.
When have the Fact Checkers gotten it wrong 🤷‍♂️
Remember that on this day 7/10 at exactly 4:20AM #SethRich was shot dead by Hillary's henchmen! Some would say #SethNumrich was an actor! I say NAY! He was a kind hearted person! With a heart of gold! Help his family out people! Find out who did this horrifying act of murder! :(
Obviously, that only covers DNC primary, general election isn't included. Karl Rove used to be the master of controlling GE voting machines when GW Bush won twice, by Romney their method was found & negated & why Romney took so long to concede.

Oct 14, 2021 · 1:46 PM UTC