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We express ourselves when we care. We use our expression effectively like with our words, when we care enough.
Certain things am finding I repeat as a way to process through. Guess was more worried than wanted to admit. But yeah, having God stop me from doing something was big enough to scare me. I'm not ashamed of that.
Is simpler am being allowed to end religion this time. Was shocked a bit as have repeatedly explained when God stopped me when I first tried. But now I know so much more about why.
Tried to help the Pope on the subject of celibacy and marriage so many months ago. Didn't really register like I hoped it might. Feel have done my due diligence there though.
Finding myself scanning ancient Greek civilization more lately. Had so many questions where only now have full access to archives.
Ancient Greeks were chill about so many things. Am more impressed with them now. They handled so much information, without access to modern abstractions. And left a legacy that told you more than most of you could have realized, before my arrival at close to full power.
Have had my dreams messed with most of my life, but rarely noticed. Did notice that I rarely remembered them. Just seemed natural to me as is natural.
Hey Disney folks: do not ever dare ever again claim that your movies are just fiction. If wish, can just pray, and get fuller versions of some sent into your dreams. But you may never want to sleep again, after. Human minds I have discovered can be so fragile.
Can connect the dots with certain movies, as I continue to give information needed to preserve human civilization. They are more realistic than you probably want to know. But are just shadows of the full stories.
Glad admitted am still healing from abuse I survived through. Is a process where am a little surprised at how that process is going. But am so grateful, as am losing the pain. Being a witness to my own personal truth is helping me so much.
How did I survive to now? Is a question am still asking myself, waiting for a full answer.
Ohmigod. I watched so much porn as a kid and young adult. Actually as an older adult too and only recently got control over viewing it. Was difficult for vampire gods to figure me out. Didn't want to believe am a conscious being. So were constantly trying to manipulate me.
Advanced aliens to our Universe are hard to fully explain. The immortals do not think like humans. They are not bound by time. And they have inexhaustible power.
Does God or Satan care about sex? Nope. But were deliberately smeared. Some immortals are so petty. A certain one expected support from Satan that she did not get. She got the help she needed. Her ambition to conquer wanted something else.
Her avatar pushed celibacy over 2500 years ago. The vampire god herself was seething with rage. So she just left back then. But gave humans some creative nastiness on her way out. Bumping into her occasionally now in her past, she is still an arrogant asshole.
Humans screw with each other (pun intended of course) about sex as can get away with it. One immortal did have a measurable impact though. Ever heard of a thing in RELIGION called celibacy? Was an Athena Loki thing to push. She was so vicious in our reality. And is not human!
But yeah, sadly humans who are trying to control other humans can interfere with sex but not so much eating, drinking liquids, or breathing. Of 4 basic needs, sex is most vulnerable to manipulation as can interfere with and even remove without killing the target.
Other thing about immortals besides not being bothered with breathing for their material forms is of course, all can fly. Why would they not be able to fly? Does make sense to me.
Human beings all have basic needs, like breathing. When immortals build material forms they do not breathe. Even the idea of breathing to them is tedious to contemplate. Why bother? Water and food are necessary too. Remove those basics and a human body dies. But sex? Nope.
If have a healthy and reasonable attitude about sex? That is natural. If are really screwed up about it? Is possible vampire gods have something...but not necessarily. Humans mess with each other viciously in a vulnerable area as a way to gain mind control.
From perspective of immortals, sex is hard to understand. And is hard to think much of the impact of sex. Or I might have been protected early from sexual abuse. Was protected later as shattering impact was detected. Am still healing in that area now.