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Husband鈥檚 back surgery $120,000. Glad we only pay 20%, co-pays, and deductibles. #Medicare4All
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That's great. But it's not good enough. $800/yr = $66/mo My insurance is more than $550/mo + copays & deductibles. T Roosevelt first asked for it in 1912. We've been waiting on "incremental change" for ONE HUNDRED TWELVE YEARS! It's long past time for Single-payer #Medicare4All鉂楋笍
This! So much of this. Greed is a sin for a reason, it's selfishness unbound. #CancelStudentDebt #College4All #Medicare4All we should live in peace and prosperity but the Dragons on the mountain hoard the gold, destroy the land & devour the people!
Your taxes aren鈥檛 high because of schools or healthcare or food stamps. Your taxes are high because of rich people who game the system so they don鈥檛 have to pay their fair share.
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Does dental, vision, and hearing care come with Medigap or Medicare Advantage? You can reach us through this link: #life #lifehacks101 #insurancepolicy #Savings #adultcare #florida #Medicare4All #Medicare #trusted #localbusinesssupport #healthcareheroes
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Proud To Be On This Journey With You! #Medicare4All #ForceTheVote
What a blessing to talk to another free brother who speaks his mind! He is a justice-loving artist- Jimmy Dore! We are proud members of the Advisory Council for the People's Party founded by brother Nick Brana! @jimmy_dore @PeoplesParty_US @nick_brana鈥
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Which "America"? Rich, white, tech/oil billionaire America? What about the REST of us? What about the working and poor classes? #CancelALLStudentDebtNOW #Medicare4All
Wins for America.
The truth is hard to beat. #Medicare4All
People keep saying @jimmy_dore, @rustyrockets & @joerogan are right wingers. As a real leftist let me just say, the world'd be better if right wingers were more like Jimmy Dore, Russell Brand & Joe Rogan: guys that supported Bernie Sanders and #Medicare4All. h/t @VeteranOfBS
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Healthcare for All is one of many social justice issues that we should all be working on together. Learn more at the #IntergenerationalJusticeSummit. Learn more at the link below. #Medicare4All #JusticeForAll
Intergenerational Justice Summit鈥 Cross-Generational Communications and Relationship Building in a Divided Society, and Intergenerational Strategy-Building to Win Justice for All. Be part of the solution.
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WTAF? I'm against war, I support Ukraine but vehemently oppose funneling millions to war profiteers. No one asks how we're going to pay for it. No one ever asks when it's for war. Meanwhile our unhoused population is growing every day, we need #Medicare4All #CancelALLStudentDebt